Sunday, November 18, 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers vs. Teachers Notebook

Hello there! Boy has it been awhile! I promise to be back soon with happenings in my classroom and share some of my new items with you all, but today I wanted to write about the current questions I am having with TPT and TN. I have been a seller on TPT for almost a year now! I purchased the full membership this quarter and have been very pleased with my earnings so far. I am not a top seller or anything but I am very excited to see people purchasing my items and I have loved being able to share what I do in my classroom with so many people!

I have not yet set up a TN store, but I do notice that most of you bloggers have both a TN and TPT store. I like the idea of paying a minimal one time fee and you get your earnings immediately on your paypal account. My worry with TN is that I know it is not as popular as TPT. If you sell on both TPT and TN, do you lower the price of items on TN? Do you think it is a disservice to TPT to lower the price on something bc the percentage you recieve is higher?

I would love to hear some feedback on how TN stores are doing vs. TPT stores. I'm off to do a little investigating.... I'll let you know what I find :)

Okay so after a little searching back and forth between sites, I find that most sellers sale their products at the same price. I like this because it with holds the integrity of both sites and proves that the price of a product is related to the quality of the product itself and not the income of the seller.

I would also like to add that after searching throught TN, I love the way the products look on the site. You all have done a FABULOUS job creating pics to display your work! I usually only use TN to purchase clipart, but I will now be looking for their for other things too!


  1. I am so glad that you posted this! I am also very curious about TN. I have been with TpT for a long time, but recently started adding products - before I was just a buyer.
    I'll have to pay more attention to TN and scope it out since I really don't know how it works :)

  2. Thanks for reading my post! From what I've read, TN is a one time fee of 19.95, (maybe be yearly I'm not sure). TPT pays quarterly whereas TN pays instantly through Paypal. On TN you receive 100% of your sales minus the Paypal fee. I am not exactly sure what the paypal fee is but I think it is based on the amount of the purchase unlike the flat rate on TPT.

  3. Hey! I just came across your post. I started selling on both TPT and TN and found that it seems like a lot of people browse through things on TN but don't buy as much. I have definitely had most success on TPT! I've sold considerably less on TN. It cost $20 or something to set up a shop I think on TN. I use TPT as my primary selling place but kind of just have TN has a little back-up. Don't know how much this info helps, just thought I'd give ya my 2 cents :).

    Cute blog by the way! I'm your newest follower!

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