Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching Implementation

I am excited to announce that we started back to school Thursday! After a week and a half delay, I was so excited to be back in the classroom! I started teaching WBT rules last week. The students really enjoyed doing the rules with the hand motions. I also taught them class, yes, and we are working on Mirror. I think that we will continue to work on these concepts and maybe add teach, okay! There is just so much at the beginning of the year and  I am not sure how much my students will retain. How are you all implenting WBT? What are you starting with? I would love some more information about starting the process. The website gives great information but I would really love a layout of when to teach the different parts. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Favorite Read Aloud Linky!

A Little late, But I am linking up with Teaching Happily Ever After to share my Favorite read alouds!

Tikki Tikki Tembo Is my Ultimate favorite read aloud! The kids really love his long name, and when I read it I do a really funny accent that the kids think is really funny.

Caps for Sale is another favorite of mine. When I read this I sing the lines, "Caps, Caps for Sale fifty cents a cap!" and when we read the monkey part we act out what the monkeys are doing. The students love when I get so mad at the monkeys! 

The Grouchy Ladybug, isn't Eric Carle the greatest??? He was my favorite when I was a child and still my favorite to this day! Again, when I read this, I always get REALLY grouchy!

My kids always love this sneaky little spider!

There are soooo many more books that I love to share with my students! I think any book can be a great read aloud, its all about how you read it! I always use lots of expression when I read and really try to make it come to life. For some reason, I can not do read alouds sitting down. I have to be standing so I can move around and really get into it. I feel like I get into it as much or maybe more than the students do! I can't wait to see all the great read alouds you all are doing!

Back to School..... Soon??

So most of you have probably already had your first day of school. I have gotten my class room ready, had registration night, met my new students and then..... "SCHOOL WILL NOT BE IN SESSION UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE"..... WHAT??? No school?!?!? That's right, our county commission and school board have been in back and forth discussions and meetings about funding our school system's budget. An agreement has yet to be reached, and our director of schools has delayed the opening of schools until an agreement can be reached. At first, I was very excited that someone was finally taking a stand and standing up for the students and teachers in our county. Our county is one of the largest in the county, yet we have the 49th (out of 92) smallest budget.... It has been a week and a half of discussions and meetings and I am ready to go back to school! I hope this issue gets resolved soon! Sooo to end on a positive note... I would like to share my completed class room pictures with you all :)

This picture is kind of blurry but this is my Wizard of Oz Door. I absolutely love how it turned out!

This is my closet door, I am going to post these classbook pages my students will fill out about themselves.
 Two of my Inspiring Wizard of Oz Posters that can be purchased at my TPT Store. :)
 Math Focus Wall. This is something new I am trying this year. I will post more about it, once I have gotten the chance to try it out...
 Messy middle round table. I think I am going to love having this round table here though. Excuse the mess... That was papers from Registration night.
 my reading area and Reading Focus Wall. This is new as well.
 My loft and I can Statements posting area.
Under the loft is where students will do fluency and word work centers.
 My desk/ Small Group table.
 Welcome :) and Whole Brain Teaching rules on the blue bulletin board. They are Wizard of Oz theme and FREE on my TPT!
 A view from the door....
 My table numbers
 Just another view...