Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching Implementation

I am excited to announce that we started back to school Thursday! After a week and a half delay, I was so excited to be back in the classroom! I started teaching WBT rules last week. The students really enjoyed doing the rules with the hand motions. I also taught them class, yes, and we are working on Mirror. I think that we will continue to work on these concepts and maybe add teach, okay! There is just so much at the beginning of the year and  I am not sure how much my students will retain. How are you all implenting WBT? What are you starting with? I would love some more information about starting the process. The website gives great information but I would really love a layout of when to teach the different parts. Any suggestions?

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  1. I had planned on using WBT methods over the summer, but once I got into my classroom with actual kids...that idea flew out the door. I haven't even done the rules much! I didn't like the five WBT rules because they didn't make sense for K in my mind. I'd love to implement other parts of WBT, but not sure where to start either!

    Miss A's Kindergarten