Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Means Apples

If you are a teacher like me, (which I'm sure you are or you probably wouldn't be reading this :) you LOVE fall! Fall means back to school, cooler weather, football, and of course... Johnny Appleseed!! and Johnny Appleseed means APPLES! I love apples! Growing up, my mother had our whole kitchen decorated with apple stuff. if there wasn't already a teacher in our school with an apple theme, I would totally do one! There is just something about apples. They are soooo classic teacher! Our first grade classes at our school do a big HUGE unit on Johnny Appleseed, so we as second grade teachers do not do much for this day. However, I cannot, as a teacher, go through September without even mentioning Johnny Appleseed or doing something fun with apples. Sooooo... I created this Apple Unit:
I had so much fun creating this! I love to think of new things that my students can do around a given theme. And what better theme for September than apples???? This product is available on my TPT store and you can get to it by clicking on the picture above. There are several Literacy, Math, and Science activities included in the unit. The last page of the unit is a list of other ideas to go along with the unit. I wanted to share those ideas with you today, because some of you may already have planned what you will do for your Johnny Appleseed Units, but these are just some more fun activities you could throw in :)
Here are the previews for my Apple Unit....

Head on over to TPT to check it out! I am also working on a Johnny Appleseed Crafitivity that I will be posting as a freebie.... hopefully TOMORROW!!!

Oh, P.S.... What do you think about me doing my first linky? I'm thinking of "Thinks My Students Say." My students are a HOOT this year! I am dying to share some of our funny stories and would love to hear some of yours! What do you think?

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