Monday, June 11, 2012

The Ice Cream King

I found the cutest book at the book store the other day, and thought it would be great to read to my class. I absolutely love doing read alouds! The more I got into creating materials to use with this book, the more I kept thinking of ideas to go along with the story. I have included several ideas in my Literacy Companion such as teaching plot with a cute Craftivity with an ice cream cone. Students will write what happened at the beginning of the story on one scoop, the middle on another scoop, and the end of the story on the ice cream cone. I also included a writing activity where students create their own ice cream. I reall want to do this with the shaving cream and glue art project that makes a more 3D effect, but I will have to do some practice with that before I will feel comfortable enough letting my students do it.

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